As supplier association, Beauty Trade Professionals (BTP) is focused on professionalizing the Dutch beauty industry. When BTP was founded as BT&EA about 25 years ago, it was at that time focused on representing the interests of companies which are exhibitor in the beauty industry and supplier to the beauticians, institutes or companies, active in the beauty industry. Goals were, among others, acting as discussion partner, encouraging good cooperation between members and to advocate mutual interests of the industry members. Despite the differences between companies, a valuable form of cooperation was achieved by focusing on the mutual interest: a healthy professional beauty industry.

In the past few years, BTP has further developed into a multimedia company with beautiful projects and initiatives. For example, the successful trade fair Beauty Trade Special in spring is an initiative of BTP and since 2017 the association also organizes the fall fair Beauty Trade Festival. The online trade journal was also added to the BTP portfolio and in 2018 a strategic partnership was entered for the trade journal De Beauty Professional. Sharing knowledge and increasing quality is part of every project. In addition, BTP organizes the Beauty Award, which is the trade competition for beauticians. This beautiful event puts top beauticians and top salons in the spotlight and is a marketing tool to also bring the professional reputation of the beauty industry to the attention of the consumer. Moreover, BTP is a discussion partner for several stakeholders in the industry.