is the online platform with the largest Beautypedia for beauty professionals! Beautyspot is popular with regular and new visitors who appreciate the largest knowledge database of beauty information. The editorial mix consists of various articles, trends and experiences of the many columnists. There is a wide range of disciplines: from skin care, wellness and nail styling to pedicure and make-up. It is approachable and accessible, resulting in optimal distribution of expertise. Links are made with Facebook and Instagram in order to increase the popularity of the online trade journal.

Besides all editorial, independent information, Beautyspot also offers the opportunity to present yourself as supplier/manufacturer and/or present your brands. An extra strong medium will be added to your marketing by choosing a special supplier page, visibility of brands, interviews, adding agenda items and for example a banner in the newsletter. In addition to the three different elective packages you will also receive articles that will be published between editorial articles on the website. You will post it online, the editors will edit it if needed and they will publish your articles. Perfect for (product)news or a last call for a training or an open house.

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